Community Partner Profile: Brockton’s Promise Coalition

MACC AmeriCorps*VISTA: Janine DiLorenzo

Campus: Stonehill College  |  Easton, MA

Community Partner: Brockton’s Promise coalition


What is Brockton’s Promise?

Brockton’s Promise represents the Brockton community’s commitment to supporting its youth. Residents, schools, leaders, service providers, city agencies, and local organizations unite in Brockton’s Promise to ensure that all Brockton youth experience the fundamental resources they need to succeed—the Five Promises—both at home, in school, and in their community. Brockton’s Promise maximizes the impact of community resources by enabling this network to communicate, collaborate, evaluate, and coordinate their efforts.

Brockton’s Promise was formed in 2003 and modeled after the America’s Promise framework for positive youth development. The “Five Promises” refer to the key elements of the strong foundation that a community must provide for its youth: a Healthy Start, Safe Places, Caring Adults, Effective Education, and Opportunities to Make a Difference.

Brockton’s Promise, Stonehill, and MACC VISTA:

As one of three local colleges, Stonehill has been a valuable partner in the

Brockton community, especially around the youth-focused work of Brockton’s Promise. Serving as a MACC VISTA for Brockton’s Promise through Stonehill College allows me to utilize institutional resources (including volunteers, community-based research projects, and faculty knowledge and field expertise) to support the diverse and far-reaching youth-development efforts happening in the community.

MACC AmeriCorps*VISTA Role: As a VISTA, I work to build the capacity of the Brockton’s Promise coalition to make measurable impact in the community. A major focus has been preparing for a comprehensive, place-based initiative–a là Harlem Children’s Zone and Promise Neighborhoods–in which all Five Promises will be concentrated and tracked in a specific geographic area, enabling the community to address multiple contexts of children’s development. My VISTA work also involves enhancing communication and collaboration opportunities among partners and supporting existing collaborations, such as the annual Mentor Recruitment Rally hosted by the Caring Adults team. This January, over 300 people gathered at the 5th annual Mentor Rally to celebrate exceptional mentors in our community and to recognize the importance of caring adults–and all of the Promises they bring–to young people’s lives.

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