Wheaton College and local schools tutoring and mentoring programs at work

As the MACC AmeriCorps*VISTA Education Partnership Specialist between Wheaton College and the Norton Public Schools, I focus my time on building the relationship between the college and the local community while leveraging higher education resources. Prior to my role, two Wheaton students created a tutoring program at Norton High School. Unfortunately, the program worked for a short period of time because of the lack of support and direction.

Although the tutoring program was a great idea, it wasn’t sustainable. However, the tutoring program recently consisted of 50 Wheaton volunteers who contributed 458 hours and helped 754 Yelle Elementary School, Norton Middle School, and Norton High School students. In addition to the tutoring program, I coordinate and manage the mentoring program where Wheaton students interact with Norton High School seniors. Through the tutoring and mentoring programs, the partnership is slowly getting strong. Hopefully, the partnership will strengthen more with the upcoming program and event, such as Speaker’s Bureau and STEM Brunch.


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