Babson Entrepreneurial Leadership Program Engages Local Youth

Babson College’s Entrepreneurial Leadership program offers local middle school students a vibrant learning experience in how to organize and run a business. During the school year, the program runs one day a week at the housing authorities in Wellesley, Needham, and Framingham, where Babson also offers after-school homework help. The program, which is free for participants, has been successful in helping local youths realize their entrepreneurial passion and potential.

Babson strives to provide a challenging and meaningful experience that connects real-life lessons to learning and that builds confidence, leadership, and communication skills through the process of creating and sustaining a business venture. Topics covered include defining entrepreneurship, finding your passion, setting goals, networking, generating ideas, researching the market, marketing, making business decisions, and managing operations, as well as related skills such as personal finance and budgeting, business finance and funding, business planning, and product prototyping.

In addition to the school-year program, Babson’s Office of Faith & Service runs week-long summer Entrepreneurial Leadership Programs for middle school students in the same communities. These students are brought to campus, where Babson student mentors teach them how to start businesses, work as a team, and create, manage, and market products. Through the experience, local middle school students have the chance to be exposed to a college campus and what it means to be a college student.

Youth Service Hours, 2015–2016

  • Needham Housing Authority Entrepreneurial Leadership Program: 450
  • Wellesley Housing Authority Entrepreneurial Leadership Program: 495
  • Framingham Housing Authority Entrepreneurial Leadership Program (location 1): 525
  • Framingham Housing Authority Entrepreneurial Leadership Program (location 2): 630
  • Summer Corps (week-long summer program): 1,260