Bridgewater State Institute for Social Justice

Bridgewater State University launched the Institute for Social Justice last year with a focus on teaching and learning and community engagement. During its first year, the Institute designed an upper-division residential learning community for social justice. Students participated in yearlong activities focused on understanding how to apply social justice principles to solve social problems.

Bridgewater State University students take part in the new Institute for Social Justice.

Working in teams, each group of students studied issues such as bullying, child homelessness, genocide, voter suppression, mental illness, and domestic violence. They partnered with community agencies to understand the scope of the problem and strategies for raising awareness and finding solutions. Each group received a Social Action grant from the Institute to host events on campus throughout the spring semester. These activities positioned our students as leaders, experts, and change agents. As one student commented, “I never thought I could do this but now I know I can.”

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