MACC Presidents: Nominate a Student to Become a Newman Civic Fellow

Campus Compact is seeking nominations for the 2017 Newman Civic Fellows program. Each MACC member president or chancellor may nominate one undergraduate or graduate student who engages in collaborative action with others to create long-term social change, takes action in addressing issues of inequality and political polarization, and demonstrates the motivation and potential for effective long-term civic engagement.

Nominated students will become Newman Civic Fellows, representing their institutions among a national group of public problem solvers. During this one-year experience, Campus Compact will provide in-person and virtual learning opportunities focused on the skills Fellows need in serve as effective agents of change in addressing public problems and building equitable communities. Fellows will also have access to mentoring and networking events.

The online nomination process is simple. We urge all MACC member presidents and chancellors to select a student for this great leadership opportunity.

Nomination deadline: March 3, 2017

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