Northern Essex Community College Holds Civic Events as Part of Statewide Election Teach-In

This fall, Bridgewater State University organized a Presidential Election Teach-In to engage students and others in the election process. MACC member institutions were invited to join in this activity to educate campus and community members about the election process, current political and social issues, and civil discourse.

One campus that took advantage of this teachable moment was Northern Essex Community College (NECC), which held a series of events to stress the importance of civic engagement and to educate the college community about major election issues. NECC’s Election Teach-In included bringing local elected officials to the college to discuss the political process and holding a campus debate on presidential issues. In addition, faculty incorporated the election and related issues into their curricula, examining topics ranging from mental health policy to the role of the media.

The Election Teach-In was part of a statewide effort to educate students on the importance of the election and why their vote matters. With voter turnout at near-record lows nationally, such efforts will be increasingly important moving forward. Learn more.