Election Engagement

Campus election engagement resources:

  1. Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP)
    This website is a central hub for many resources related to campus election engagement. Some key resources from CEEP:6 Key Ways to Engage Your CampusCampus-Community Voter Engagement ToolkitAcademic Credit for Election Engagement Interns–JMU Model
  2. Resources for Students
  3. Engaging Your Campus in Elections: 6 Ways to Act
    This is a great resource. It has been recently updated and it includes everything that your campus needs to be successful straight through to November. The main 6 points include: Building a Team, Registering Students to Vote, Educating on Issues and Candidates, Encourage Student Volunteering, Create visibility, and Get out the vote. This resource is overflowing with ideas that have worked in past elections, so please utilize them.
  4. VOTE411: Massachusetts Information that you need!
    This site offers a wealth of accurate information about voting laws and other practical election data that will be useful as a go-to source for election questions.
  5. 37 Things you can still do to engage students in the election
    If you want success stories, this is your resource. It gives examples of really creative ideas that happened at other campuses around the country in the 2008 election that you may be able to tweak and use for this year’s election.

Check out the additional websites below for more great ideas as you get your campus energized for the next election.

Voter registration information:

  • College students may register to vote in their college communities in Massachusetts or in their home communities, but cannot register in both places.
  • Check out the League of Women Voters website to help college students decide where they might prefer to register.

Absentee ballot information:

  • Find a Massachusetts absentee ballot application form here
  • The deadline for applying for an absentee ballot is 12:00pm on the day before an election
  • Absentee ballots are generally available three weeks before an election
  • For other states’ absentee ballot forms, visit this Absentee Ballot website
  • Check out Long Distance Voter’s website for 3 easy steps to obtain an absentee ballot

Additional resources:

Congress.org: A nonpartisan website with issue-based information to guide civic advocacy and engagement.

Project Vote Smart: A nonpartisan, nonprofit research center that offers information on issues and candidates.

Contact your representative: http://www.house.gov/

Contact your senator: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm