The CASE Award

Massachusetts Campus Compact has partnered with the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Partnership Foundation to present three $1,000 awards recognizing the most innovative and promising use of the grant to establish or significantly further a partnership between the student (and his or her school) and a community non-profit organization. This grant is sponsored by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, and seeks to foster academic-service learning at American colleges and universities.

Spring 2009 Winner
Amanda Royce Tolland, University of Massachusetts Lowell
Advisors: Professor Deirdra Murphy, Physical Therapy; Sheila Och, Lowell Community Health Center

Lowell Community on the Move
Over half of Massachusetts adults, and one third of middle and high school students are overweight or obese. Lowell Community Health Center has created and implemented wellness initiatives for over a year understanding the health implications of obesity with the goal of improving physical activity initiatives for individuals in the community. Graduate physical therapy students will collaborate with the LCHC, LCHC Community Health Educators and an UML faculty advisor to develop an hour curriculum, “Physical Activity in the Community”, that will focus on improving physical activity and nutrition in daily lives.

The physical therapy students and the LCHC Community Educators will pilot this interactive program that participants can take home and integrate into their daily activities. The grant will support curriculum development, training time for Community Health Educators, documentation, piloting the curriculum with the physical therapy students, and data collection. LCHC is currently providing caring, quality, and culturally appropriate wellness programs to the people of Greater Lowell, regardless of their financial status. The grant provides support to expand the current programs through best practices of engaging students, community partners and creating strong strategic alliances that maximize the health and well-being to all Greater-Lowell residents.

Spring 2010 Winner
Hyewon Lee, Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Advisors: Nadeem Karimbux, Assistant Dean, Dental Education; David Okuji, Cambridge Health Alliance, A.C.T.I.O.N Project – A New Model for Students & Community Clinic Collaboration

This monthly pediatric clinic is run only with volunteer dental students and the supervision of attending volunteer dentists and Dr. Okuji, a pediatric dentist at the Windsor clinic. Harvard dental student volunteers get on-site experience in pediatric dentistry under Dr. Okuji’s supervision, and the low-income residents come to the monthly clinic for their children’s oral health care. The clinic would like to expand, recruit more volunteers, and will spend the grant funds on activities such as:

  • Family group diet/nutrition counseling in the waiting area
  • Pamphlets for pediatric oral health issues and translate existing pamphlets
  • Waiting room fun activities for oral health
  • Visits to Harvard Dental School for young kids from low income families

As a long term goal, this Saturday pediatric program will be incorporated into the regular curriculum so that the dental students at Harvard can be exposed to a community dental clinic and public health issues with hands-on skills in pediatric dentistry. This new model of a community clinic will join an academic institution and community organization while excelling the quality of future dental professionals who cares for patients in need in our community.