MACC Community Engaged Professionals Network (CEPN)

Massachusetts Campus Compact’s Community Engaged Professionals Network (CEPN) is designed to bring together people working with community-engaged programs, classes, and centers at campuses across Massachusetts to connect and share best practices.

After two successful years of programming, the network has been reinvigorated for 2016-2017, starting with the Senate Immersion Module day at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in October 2016 and continuing during the spring 2017 semester with a series of meetings focused on a range of topics identified by CEPN members.

Program Beginnings: The Think Tank Initiative

As part of its role in facilitating campus efforts to produce change in areas that matter, MACC launched a year-long Think Tank initiative, “Reflection on Professional Practice,” in the fall of 2014. The success of this initiative led to its continuation in the 2015-2016 academic year.

The Think Tank engaged professionals from MACC’s member campuses in substantive, cross-institutional dialogue about the challenges and successes of leading civic engagement initiatives. Meetings focused on developing a plan to organize administrators and faculty at their institutions to embrace civic engagement and provide deeper and broader support for campus efforts.

Unlike most conferences and workshops, MACC’s Think Tank offered members the opportunity to interpret, analyze, and critique the issues impacting civic engagement on their campuses with colleagues from across the state. The Think Tank also offered several tools for advancing practice:

  • An introduction to the core elements of community organizing.
  • A framework for articulating desired learning outcomes for student civic engagement, and a tool for assessing institutional preparedness for reaching those outcomes.
  • A mechanism for identifying and addressing shared challenges and for developing plans to engage other stakeholders in collective work to change systems in their institutions.

CEPN Meetings

Ongoing CEPN meetings build on the success of prior years in addressing the new challenges facing campuses, civic engagement professionals, and students. Meetings take place at campuses in central Massachusetts to ensure easy access for all participating members.

For the latest information on meeting dates and how to participate, see this listing.