Member Activities

What do Massachusetts Campus Compact AmeriCorps*VISTA Members do?

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The MACC AmeriCorps*VISTA program was created to pursue the potential for institutions of higher education to more responsibly address the local needs of low-income communities and be responsible mechanisms for community change.   MACC AmeriCorps*VISTA members are tools for this change.

Through unique campus and community-based placements, AmeriCorps*VISTA members are focused on impactful campus-community partnerships that strengthen the capacity of local organizations to fight poverty in low-income communities by leveraging the resources of higher education institutions.

Examples of what our VISTAs do during their year of service are:

  • bridge the gap between campuses and communities
  • break down barriers to access and success in higher education
  • prepare students to serve more effectively in communities
  • connect community-based organizations with campus resources
  • engage with a dynamic network of peers all year
  • participate in significant training and professional development opportunities

Want to learn more about specific MACC AmeriCorps*VISTA campus-community partnership work? Check out these videos!